Reported a bug report for koji

It’s greatly annoying that I am not able to do koji scratch builds or fedpkg builds. I had discussion with nirik at #fedora-admin. He asked me to show him the outputs of a couple of commands. I updated to koji 1.6. Still, the problem is persistent. I guess, it is not actually a bug, otherwise others would have surely reported. I think it is some small configuration issue that is being overlooked.

You can see my bug report at

Anyone is welcome to help.

RPM Packaging xnoise for fedora

This is the first time I am packaging a software.
I chose xnoise. I have been using xnoise (compiled
from the source repository) for sometime and I like it.

What is Xnoise?

Xnoise can play every kind of audio/video data that gstreamer
can handle. Xnoise uses a tracklist centric design and uses
a hierarchical tree structure media browser. It also has a
plugin interface. Xnoise is always running in a single instance,
so that music files that are associated with it, will always be
added to the tracklist instead of starting a new instance.

Xnoise is written in vala. This means it is compiled to pure
Gobject/C and therfore very fast and lightweight compared
with other Gtk music players written in mono or python.

License :

The license of xnoise is GNU GPL v2 or later. There is a
license exeption for the distribution together with non-GPL
compatible gstreamer plugins.

Bugzilla URL :
Koji scratch build URL :