Purchased Nokia C5 – great value for money

Last week was bad. My Nokia 5310’s keypad stopped working, then my BSNL 3G data card broke. I could hardly be online the last week. Yesterday, I purchased Nokia C5 and it seems to be a good investment. I had to pay Rs 7,620 only for it. Compared to the price, the features are great. You can see the features of this phone from http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_c5-3122.php.

It has got a 600 MHz ARM 11 processor, 128 MB RAM, USB charging. In that respects, it seems better than N79. It has got 3G and supports speed upto 10.2 Mbps. The 3.2 MP camera is good enough with a decent flash. Sound is also good. It runs S60 3rd Edition OS.

I my opinion, its a good (or best) phone to go for within Rs 8,000.

FAD Pune 2010

It was a great experience at the FAD in Red Hat, Pune. The FAD was conducted for two days, 29th and 30th May, 2010.

Day 01

Siddhesh took a session on autotools. The session was informative and interactive. I came to know how the big Makefile and Configure files are automatically generated from makefile.am and configure.ac (Makefile.in is first generated though, then the Makefile). Siddhesh used the linkc program for the purpose.

That was the only workshop. Then it was doing our own work. Everyone discussed what they will be working on. As for me, I decided to work on packaging python-keyring and kupfer and writing code for my application named wordGroupz (it is an app for building one’s vocabulary based on groups). My target was to get the code ready for 0.1 release of wordGroupz. For the first day, I made some changes in the python-keyring.spec as suggested by Ankur(FranciscoD) and Rahul (mether). Then I spent the rest of the time coding for kupfer, designed the GUI using Glade3. For programming, I used python, GTK, sqlite. By the end of the day, I managed to get  a input from the user and store it in the database. Updating in the combobox was not achieved that day.

In between, people from Bhasha Technologies came to the FAD to meet the ARM Fedora contributors who didn’t turn up. They shared some of their ideas with us over the lunch. I along with some of my friends (Rangeen) alongwith Salim decided to work on the suggested projects.

Day 02

I wrote a spec file for kupfer which wasn’t working for some unknown reasons. I submitted a review request for that and Ankur started reviewing it. Soon Rahul joined followed by Kushal. Kupfer uses a waf build system and the wscript was broken for kupfer. It didn’t produce any kupfer package, but was a good exercise. After that, Sayamindu gave a speech on OLPC and Sugar, which is a Fedora downstream project for the OLPC. Then, I resumed coding for wordGroupz. I managed getting the combobox updated on new entry. I made some changes in the glade file. I did some reading on the treeview model and got it to display the words from the database categorized into groups. I added a search facility in the app to search for words. As the day was ending, I thought to drop the displaying of word info for the 0.1 version.

At the end of the session, we reported what we achieved in the 2 days of the FAD. Then plans for future FADs were discussed. After the session, we (rtnpro, meejan, kishan, yevlempy) along with Rahul, Kushal and Salim went to Haka for dinner. Going to Haka was another story 🙂 .

It turned out to be a great day, working together throughout the day along with some fun also.

Arrangements made for our accommodation were great. Kushal took pics and recorded videos during the FAD. I hope kushal will upload them soon.


Currently, I am fixing some glitches in the code for wordGroupz. I have set a repository for it at


Installed Fedora 12 on Dell XPS M1530 :)

Yesterday, I finally completed downloading the Fedora 12 i686 DVD iso. I then tried to install Fedora 12 from iso, as I did when I installed Fedora 11 from its ISO image. But this time, when it came to customizing the packages, it was asking for a network connection to get the softwares from the online repositories ( when no Install Disc was inserted) and when I kept the F11 DVD inserted in my laptop, it took the package list from the F11 DVD. Didn’t expect that.

Then I tried installing F12 from a DVD, and installation was completed successfully. It good to see EXT4 support for GRUB this time. Also, there is the default kms support for NVIDIA cards with the Nouveau driver. But the Nouveau driver is still limited to provide 2D support only ( work is going on for enabling its 3D suport).  Fedora 12 implements improvements in Xorg. The official NVIDIA driver this time comes with customizable PowerMizer and allows to chose among different screen resolutions ( which was missing before till Fedora 11 and the then latest NVIDIA drivers). This not the end of the story for NVIDIA cards. Even after installing Nvidia drivers, nouveau won’t let it start. You have to add the following kernel option for the kernel in which you installed Nvidia :

rdblacklist=nouveau vga=0x318

The latest official NVIDIA driver is a bit faulty (w.r.t the Xorg implementation in Fedora 12), and does not properly support OpenGL. Compiz does not work, KDE does not behave properly, neither do Moblin Desktop Environment with the current state of NVIDIA drivers.

Fedora 12 implements initramfs (using Dracut) rather than initrd. Boot up has become faster. F12 also allows runtime starting and stopping of bluetooth drivers. NetworkManager has undergone some improvements ( write capabilities to system wide network connections). There has been also a number of improvements in the Virtualization arena (qemu + kvm). Empathy has replaced Pidgin and gnote has replaced Tomboy. The previous plymouth startup screen from F11 has been retained. Fedora has always been developer friendly distro with an array of latest developer tools.

But at the end of the day, even after having an Nvidia graphics card, I can’t turn on the 3d effects. Hope that Nvidia will resolve this problem soon or Nouveau starts supporting 3D. Apart from that everything is fine. I have setup my required devel environment and it’s time to work. I also made a small 300 MB dump of the basic packages I have installed in my system to support multimedia and other things. It has also got a script to autorun the install process. I will soon upload it online.

Have a nice day 🙂

A long night … fedX + get rpmfusion repo

I became desperate yesterday night to do some useful things, anything. Had a long offline Puja Holidays. I was struggling to understand “How to write Makefiles”, and yesterday it clicked and I ended up writing a Makefile for the ongoing fedX project. Though the makefile which I wrote is not that great, but I have a start now. Committed the changes to the fedX repository at


It was around 4:00 AM in the morning already. Made some changes in my gitorious project clones. Apart from that, I was trying to download the rpmfusion repositories for Fedora 11. I was using rsync on multiple screens for the purpose. But again and again, rsync used to stop downloading after working for sometime. Then I tried a Firefox addon “DownThemAll” and was very happy to see it work. All I needed was to browse the repository page listing all the packages, right click and select DownThemAll. And then I just needed to select where I want to save the downloaded files and start it. It downloads multiple files simultaneously and does not halt when one of the files cannot be downloaded, rather it pauses it and moves to others. It also supports resume, and has an option to skip the already downloaded files.

But I could not download the directories with DownThemAll. I guess it works only for files. Need to do some research on it. Any way, you can try to use DownThemAll. I think you will like it.

Finally, I went to sleep at 4:45 AM with my laptop running DownThemAll to download the rpmfusion repository. When I got up today morning, it was running fine. 😀

Puja Holidays in Guwahtai

Happy Durga Puja to all.

It has been a long run since I left for Durgapur after the Software Freedom Day,2009 at Kolkata. I reached Howrah station at around 8:15 PM on 15th September 2009. Though I got an  e-ticket for Durgapur in the Danapur Express which was about to leave from Howrah at 9:35 PM, I still didn’t have a hard copy. I thought I could get a print out at the station from the .html file of the e-ticket I was having in my mobile phone. As ill luck would have it, the one cyber cafe that was there in Howrah station was being demolished (might be for repairs … drastic). I had plenty of time though, so I went outside the station to try my luck. With some help from the folks out there, I started my venture to find a place to print my ticket. Couldn’t find any in the proximity. Finally I found one, but the shop’s printer ran out of ink. What the hell! It was 9:15 PM and so I returned and boarded the train. My mobile phone was almost out of charge, and so I transferred the only document of my ticket to my laptop. When the TTE came, I showed him the html file and after some arguments, I was able to convince him. It could have been worse. I didn’t have my Identity Card with me.

I reached Durgapur at 11:30 PM. Then at around 3:00 AM in the morning boarded the JHAJHA-Guwahati Express for AlipurDuar Junction, my father’s home town. Quite uneventful days in AlipurDuar and Coachbehar ( my mother’s home town) except for family reunion. Finally came back to Guwahati on 20th September, 2009.

First thing I did was install linux (omega) in my father’s computer and explained the advantages of it to my father. Next day, my father told his colleagues that in linux, you don’t need to worry about viruses ( in general). I started getting calls from them to install Linux in their systems too. I did two installs of Omega coupled with the other packages installed from the Fedora 11 repository I am carrying in my portable HDD.

Internet connection had been quite unstable here. The BSNL link most of the times is down and since yesterday, the phone line is dead. This week, mbuf made some new plans for fedx and told me to go through Makefile HowTo. He assigned me some tasks. Today I have completed the first one of them … that was to write a makefile rule to check is vsftpd is installed in a system. If not, to install it in the system. Made a commit today in my fedx’s clone at gitorious. Thanks to smartnet, it came as life saver, when BSNL is down.

This week, did lots of fun with my brother. Went for long distance biking, to restaurants, to computer shops to enquire about notebooks for him. Today it was Ashtami, we fasted till noon and offered pushpanjali to Goddess Durga. Then in the evening, me and my BRO went to see the Durga Pujas in Maligaon in the evening.

Tomorrow I plan to go to Accoland with my brother. Looking forward to a great day 😀


It has been a long silence from me since I came back from Kolkata on 10th August 2009. In Kolkata, I and some of my friends were doing internship under Indranil Das Gupta. Back here in Durgapur, having already missed near a month’s regular college classes, we didn’t receive a nice response from our college authorities. I had a lot of pending college assignments and other stuffs to attend to. I had some really boring long days. This month, I shifted to a new mess in Sarat Pally, St, No. 2, Fuljhore with Harsh and Bama. Although we applied for a BSNL broadband connection in our mess, till date, no response from BSNL. Hope to listen from BSNL this week at least.

Last week, I resumed my work on the FedX project and on 30th August, I pushed a small code in my gitorious clone of FedX. I am right now working to create a wizard to configure FedX in a machine when it runs for the first time. The link of my clone of FedX is as follows :


On 31st August, 2009, I, Kishan and Meejanur went to Bijra High school to see how things are going on there. Bijra High School had got a new temporary computer teacher. We intended on training him to use Linux and other FOSS tools. He agreed to come down to our mess a few times a week, so that he could prepare himself to handle the computer laboratory at Bijra High School. In the computer room, we found that the LTSP server was not booting up, but was beeping continuously when turned on. We opened the cabinet, opened the RAM chip and reinserted it, and the machine booted up fine.

Re-inserting RAM chip in the server

Re-inserting RAM chip in the server

But during boot up, it gave an error message regarding eth0 :

8139too device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization

Then we tried switching on the terminals, but they didn’t boot up as the DHCP service was not running in the server due to problem with eth0. The terminals 2 was failing to boot due to some problem with the SMPS. Then there was a power cut, so we had to return. I updated IndraDG and Subhodip Biswas on this matter, and Subhodip Biswas plans to visit Bijra High School to fix the issue soon.

Really inspiring!!!

Everyone makes mistakes…
It’s nothing to be ashamed of
Don’t let this mistake go to waste
Be able to smile as you walk

Yes, I breathe in the quiet air,
And raise my face toward the sky and jump in
If it rains, I’ll take a break
And let the wind decide where I go
I carry along many regrets
But letting these wounds go to waste is stupid
Carve a medal into your chest and set sail
Your life becomes a “showtime” from there

Everyone makes mistakes…
It’s nothing to be ashamed of
Don’t let this mistake go to waste
Be able to smile as you walk

Turn your sadness into wind
And just be able to keep moving forward
And just be able to keep moving forward

This is the end title of an anime – Naruto

A bolt from the blue!

12 December was my Maths examination. As most of my friends know that maths and I don’t get along. But this instant was a little more than expected. I took heavy pounding from the Maths paper. Now I am all flat, lying in bed, and blogging and trying to shed off the frustration…