Learnt to use SSH tunnel – Thanks to BSNL 3G, it won’t let me login to trac.transifex.org

For some days, I was not able to login to trac.transifex.org. I though that it might be a browser issue. So, I deleted the browser data and tried to login using firefox, opera and google-chrome, but I still couldn’t login.

Then, I established an ssh tunnel from my computer to a remote server and set up proxy settings in my browser to use the ssh tunnel. And now, I can login correctly. This shows that it is not a browser issue but a connection issue.
I think something is terribly wrong with BSNL 3G servers and their maintainers.

Similarly, koji-client does not work over BSNL 3G. I have been tired complaining to the BSNL 3G Customer Care about this issue. But they don’t understand the issue only and issue is never solved.

These days are hectic

For some days, I have been working like anything for my final semester project in college, because I have to. I have also some tasks to do for transifex. When will the college be over?
But I have to find some time, anyhow.