working on flash-card module for wordgroupz

Now, I am working on making the flash-card module for wordgroupz. I plan to collect the responses( incorrect/ correct) for the words. This will come to use for performance stats generation. Below are the screenshots of the flash-card module.

Suggestions are welcome 🙂

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wordgroupz development news

For some time now, I have been working on wordgroupz. Since version 0.2, I have added some new features.

The new features include dictionary support: online webster dictionary from and offline wordnet. For implementing the online dictionary support, I used the server interface of For offline, I used the dictionary databases of the wordnet application and the python-nltk library.

I also included wiktionary support this time. I used to find it tedious opening a notebook, browser to search wikipedia/wiktionary, copy-paste notes. That’s why I decided to get them all together under one hood – wordgroupz. I include a gtkNotebook : 1st page for showing, editing details of the selected word and the 2nd page for browsing through wiktionary and downloading pronunciations if available. I had to study urllib2, BeautifulStone, pywebkitgtk for the purpose.

I also worked on the new interface, added some custom buttons to the interface. I studied gtkNotebook, gtkToolbar, gtkStockImage, etc. I also improved some logic for the interface. Now, wordgroupz allows to add words without any groups and such words are put in an “no-category” group. Now, there is a “details” field for group-words. Groups can be deleted. I have to write the code to move the words to the ‘no-category’ group once its parent group is deleted.

I released wordgroupz version 0.3b today. I have to work on machine generated pronunciation for words whose wiktionary pronunciation are not available. I have to design the games and quizzes for wordgroupz. Lots of stuff to do.

Please feel free to try wordgroupz and suggest any improvements to be done.

Details of how to get wordgroupz was given on my previous post.

wordgroupz v 0.3 beta released!

Today I released wordgroupz v 0.3b.

New Features –
1. Dictionary support – online webster, offline wordnet
2. Wiktionary support – lookup details of the word on wiktionary, download pronunciations if available
3. New interface
Dependencies for wordgroupz:
1) gtk, pygtk2
2) python-nltk
3) wordnet
4) pywebkitgtk
5) BeautifulSoup
To install wordgroupz for fedora:
1) download into /etc/yum.repos.d/
2) as root do: yum install wordgroupz
To install wordgroupz on any other linux OS:
2) Untar it: $tar xvf wordgroupz-0.3b.tar.gz
3) Change directory to wordgroupz-0.3b: $cd wordgroupz-0.3b
4) As root, install from
#python install
Feel free to report any bugs, new feature request or suggestions.

wordgroupz development news

Lately, I have been working on adding new features to wordgroupz like dictionary support, wiktionary support, pronunciation support. I have also made some changes to the wordgroupz gui optimized for the new features.

wordgroupz v 0.2 screenshot:
The dictionary support features online webster dictionary and a offline wordnet dictionary. I used the server interface to retrieve definitions from it.
I used the nltk library to retrieve definitions from wordnet dicitionary database.
I implemented the wiktionary support using webkit, BeautifulSoup and urllib2. Pronunciations if availale on wiktionary are allowed to be downloaded.
The new interface looks like this below:
Due to the frequent changes made in the wordgroupz repository at, I have not been able to update the, README, etc. files. I also added a nltk*tar.gz in the src folder, that looks weird. I will be cleaning up the repository.
For the time being, to test the code, follow the following steps:
1) download the src code
2) do not install it via
3) extract the nltk*.tar.gz and install the nltk python module from the inside nltk.
4) install pywebkitgtk
5) Now run the new interface using
All the previous features have not been ported to the, which I wrote while coding for the wiktionary support. I will updating the file soon.
Please give your valuable feedback for improvements.

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