What an install Fest in Kalyani Govt. Engg. College! :O

It was on 21 February 2009, that there was a Fedora Activity Day and an Install Fest in Kalyani Govt. Engg. College, Kalyani. It was one of its kind with students craving to register for it. The seminar hall was packed. This was a rare scene. But it indicated that the young students at KGEC are really fired up to bring a change. The seminar started at 11:30  AM. There were around 140 students in the seminar hall. The anchor was Snigdha Deb Mukherjee ( a 2nd year CSE student in KGEC). Then followed the speech delivered by the College Professors. And after that, it was Indranil Das Gupta to address the people out there in the hall. As always, his was an inspiring speech in which he explained how he started using Linux, what was the scenario back then, how the FOSS comunity in India started to come into being and the present scenario of FOSS in India. He also mentioned about people like Sayamindu Das Gupta, Gopal V, Subhodip Biswas, Arindam Ghosh and about their contributions to FOSS. Everyone was thrilled and inspired by his words. Then Indranil Das Gupta left for Kolkata.

Then there was the lunch break. After that, at around 2:15 PM, Arindam Ghosh gave a talk on Introduction to Fedora. It was followed by Subhodip Biswas‘s talk on Myths about Fedora till 4:30 PM. Then started the Install Fest in the Computer Science Laboratory. There were around 55-60 students attending the Install Fest and among them 15 had brought their Laptops for installation and the rest had access to around 15-16 Lab Desktops to do the Fedora 10 installation. Rangeen Basu Roy Chowdhury was showing them how to install Fedora 10 via a projector. Ratnadeep Debnath was helping the students in their places to do the installation and clearing their doubts. After the installation was done, Rangeen gave a brief introduction to Gnome and KDE Desktop environment. It was around 6:30 Pm in the evening and people started leaving. A few guys left back to talk with Rangeen and Ratnadeep. And finally, around 7:00 PM it was finally wrapped up.

It was a great Fedora Activity Day and a great Install Fest.  Rangeen played a vital role for arranging this event. Students of KGEC responsible for arranging this Day:

Snigdha Deb Mukherjee, Md. Ekhlaque, Rohit Gupta, Ramendu Bikas, Mukesh Ojha, Guddu Kumar, Mukesh Kumar Singh, Sunil Kumar Koeri and others.

A great job by them!

Although the Install Fest was formally over for the day, but in the RBC Hostel, Rangeen and Ratnadeep were busy doing some new installations and performing the post-installation set up. The offline repo created by Ratnadeep in his pocket hard drive came to great use. The hostelites were shown how to install from the offline repo ( though it was all automated by a few shel scripts written by Ratnadeep) by invoking a shell script. The repo was distributed among a few of them who took the responsibility of distributing it to others and helping them to use it. They were also given the nice informative video tutorials on Fedora and other related applications created by Kushal Das, the “Meet the Gimp” video tutorials and other Linux Documentation Ebooks. Rangeen and Ratnadeep were busy till 2:00 AM in the night helping the guys with their system and helping them with How to start with Fedora and geting them acquainted with the various applications.

Thus ended a long and tiring but a very successful Fedora Activity Day.


10 thoughts on “What an install Fest in Kalyani Govt. Engg. College! :O

  1. [1] How many folks installed Fedora at the install fest ?
    [2] Did anyone come up with an USB key for LiveUSB ?
    [3] What were the questions that you faced ?
    [4] Were there things that could have been done better ?
    [5] What were the things that did not go well ?
    [6] For install fests of this scale, what tips do you have for the organizers ?

  2. Nice post! A few suggestions for improvements :

    a) link the resources used to their online URL

    b) link the speakers / resource persons to their blogs

    c) its not necessary to write in 3rd person

    d) check your punctuation and spelling

    e) try to link to photos or other blog posts that cover the topic

    overall, a very nice effort, given that you are the first to post AFAIK


  3. [1] How many folks installed Fedora at the install fest ?
    15 students had brought their Laptops in which Fedora was installed. And the rest installed Fedora in the Lab Computers.

    [2] Did anyone come up with an USB key for LiveUSB ?
    Since it was quite late when the Installation Fest had started, time didn’t permit us to demonstrate LiveUsb tools and install the Live OS in the USB Keys. Students started to depart after the installation was done. We badly wanted to demo Live-Usb-Creator, but couldn’t.

    [3] What were the questions that you faced ?
    How they will play sound/video in Fedora?
    What about Nvidia support?
    How to install softwares?
    What is the significance of /, /home, /boot, swap partitions?
    Why do we uncheck the “System Clock Uses UTC” option?
    Can we proceed without giving a root password?
    What is grub, what are /dev/sda*? Where are C:, D: drives?

    [4] Were there things that could have been done better ?
    To start the Install Fest earlier ( which couldn’t be done due to power cut),
    to do the installation via an HTTP server, plus to install the updates via an HTTP server, to conduct some basic workshops to help people get started with Fedora ( which did not seem possible in that day), might be it will be better to have another day in hand for workshops.

    [5] What were the things that did not go well ?
    Power Cut was not at all welcome, some machines with Nvidia graphics card failed to show the graphical Fedora 10 install screen, had to resize disk partitions there to install Fedora ( no separate partition was allotted for Fedora), some GPUs were there of which we never heard of ( neither Intel nor Nvidia nor Ati)…
    [6] For install fests of this scale, what tips do you have for the organizers ?
    The organizers did a great job. But we can always do it better. There must be arrangements for Power Backup in case of power failures. Participants must be informed to make separate partitions to install Fedora. This will make the Installation Fest very smooth. We also needed to have more people to assist during the Installation Fest. It was not easy for Rangeen and me to deal with such a large number of participants at a time.

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