Finally I installed Fedora 10 in my Dell XPS M1530

Yesterday, on 2nd January, 2009, I finally installed Fedora in my Dell XPS M1530. The installation went fine and it was great to see a new glossy installation screen. After the installation, Plimouth is also working fine, but I had to add a kernel option for that—


The graphics was ok , but not perfect without the Nvidia drivers. Then I set enabled on my system and downloaded the Nvidia drivers from there.

su -c ‘yum install kmod-nvidia’

And rebooted my system, and Nvidia is working just fine. Compiz is also working at its best. Plus, the webcam drivers come inbuilt along the new Kernel, GREAT!

But having some problems with the multimedia keys. In Gnome, all the keys except the eject key is working. But its worse in KDE. None of the multimedia keys are working out there. May be its a bug in KDE 4.1. I’m searching for a solution in Google, but couldn’t locate the solution till now. Apart from that, there was another bug in KDE 4.1. The ntfs volumes won’t mount. The solution was jsut to update the ntfs-3g package, and it was solved.

su -c ‘yum update ntfs-3g’

Apart from the above mentioned issues, its working great. Boot is faster and beautiful, wifi service is nice, webcam is enabled. Great!


2 thoughts on “Finally I installed Fedora 10 in my Dell XPS M1530

  1. What about bluetooth, the finger print thing, the remote control?

    I want to install fedora 10 on the same laptop. Awesome OS

  2. I found that X wasn’t autodetecting/mapping the media keys automatically, and GNOME did some magic to force it to do so when I put Debian Testing on my M1530. Dunno if that’s the problem you’re having.

    The remote generates standard keypresses, it’ll work as long as the keyboard does. =\ I haven’t tried the fingerprint reader or bluetooth.

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